lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

A little bit about Myself and my Art

Hi, my name is Carlos Dattoli, if you ask me what is my passion, I will say, to paint, to draw, to write, to create, if you ask me what I do for a living, I will say my passion… but saying this, means that my passion eventually could also become a job if I let it, a meaningless job, so I like to take every job as a new adventure, a new way to learn something, doesn't matter if it is just a technical improvement or a life changing journey, the important thing for me is to not  get lost in the way, so as this famous quote say," Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".

This way, whenever  I paint for me or for a client, i give my whole effort, there is not a small client or a small idea, I believe that every single work can be great if it means something to someone, so when i start a project, I become the project, and for as long as the project lasts, it will be mine too and I will do it as good as I possibly can.

so yes, I'm a very passionate person, without passion there is not life, and without life there is not passion, so I want to take this incredible and very unlikely journey we call life, to put passion and meaning in everything that I do, and if you look closely to my work you will find this in every single piece.

I want to use this blog not only to write about my art, but about myself, my ideas and what is behind every piece or every choice I take.

I always say that you can't  simplify a human being with a simple description, and so you can't  simplify an artist either, because we all have a lot of faces, even not everyone approach them.

So a very important thing to know about myself in terms of my art, is that you would never see me doing the same thing over and over, i don't want to limit myself into choosing only one path, and why should i? what I mean, is that I enjoy doing a piece of art for children's book the same way as I enjoy doing a piece of concept art for an older audience, a humorous  illustration or an philosophical one, a commercial one, or a personal, doesn't matter, at the end of the day I will put all my effort into it and I will get the job done.

(English is not my native language so i will try to write as clear as i can)

Thank you for reading 

Carlos Dattoli

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