lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

(Goku's Dream)

OK…THIS IS IT! This cartoon was definitely my favorite of them all, so this will be a very large introduction!

You know those movies or cartoons, that really mark your childhood? well, "Dragon Ball" marked mine, from the moment I discovered "DBZ" I followed it till the end, I watched every chapter, every movie, I played every game, I had all the toys, I knew all the names of every character, I was fascinated with it, man! it was an amazing journey for me, I still get goosebumps just by hearing any of their fantastic intro songs.

But this illustration has another backstory, "Dragon Ball" was also one of the first things I draw when I was a kid, I did tons of "DBZ" painting, so now, I wanted to paint a more realistic version of them, but I knew it was a very hard thing to do, because of one thing... their faces, interpret realistically a face I saw for so many years, in an animated version, with such unique features as theirs, is not easy, but after watching the live action movie, I was definitely sure it wasn't , everyone would think on a different face to give those characters, because so many people love them, and it would be tremendously difficult to make everyone happy, and that hair! how do you paint it realistically, without making it look silly? , and that is why this illustration came to me, and not the other way around, and many of you will be able to realize that  this composition is not mine, and I dont have any intention to claim it as mine, in fact, that is the curious thing about this illustration.

I was surfing the internet and suddenly I saw this wonderful poster of "Rainbow 6" (video game) and immediately thought, oh boy!, "Dragon Ball" would look awesome in this composition, and also, it will solve the problem of the faces, because in this way, everyone could imagine them as they would like them to be, so I decided to borrow this composicion and paint the "DBZ" characters in one similar to that one, I never do this, but I couldn't get the idea out of my head, maybe someday I will dare to paint their faces, but for now, this is how I want to represent them and leave the rest to your imagination.

Now, the name of the illustration, talks about what is happening there, if you know the story of "Dragon Ball Z", you would know that neither "Goku" nor "Trunks" or "Vegeta" were present in that part of the story, that's why it is called like that, putting a scene that will only could be possible in Goku's dreams.

I leave you here a link to one of the original openings,  (English)  or  (Spanish).

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