jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015


Well after 3 months of paying tribute to some of my favorite series as a kid, I have come to the end of this "ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD", (at least for now) and I've decided to end this with a big "X-Men" illustration, which I made because I loved this series so much, and I'm talking about the one of the 90's, not the new one, I truly enjoyed that series, from the beginning to the end of its transmission on tv.

And what I wanted it to paint here, was a combination between the most popular heroes and villains of the serie, good and evil characters, along with a composition of cold vs hot colors, that you will probably notice if you follow the line of the fire , also I'm sure if you were fan of this series you will be able to understand the composition of it, who are the characters on the right, and who are the ones on the left.

I truly hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did painting it, and I'm aware that there are a lot more great series that I didn't painted, but I've tried to focus on the ones that really marked my childhood, maybe from time to time I will paint some new ones, but for now, I want to create other series that I have in mind and I hope you enjoy them as well.

So I leave you with this last illustration of my "ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD"

Also I want to share with you an article I wrote about this "ODE" with the whole list of illustrations and their original cartoon intros

I hope you enjoy it!

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